It’s Only the Blues

By Elizabeth Nudo

It’s only the blues

But didn’t she give you chills

Lifeless eyes, sunken and blackened. 

My glow is dim and my piano waits for my magical fingertips

To grace its teeth once again.

Many months since I felt a spark 

My bad, I should have given you clues

About my sudden sadness,

It came out of nowhere.

Some would say out of the blue

It lingered in my molecules

Until it surfaced and hit me hard

Kept me down on the mattress.

But they say she’s such a mess

Must be the drinks making her hazy.

But my lips never touched a glass.   

I’m up against heavy rain clouds

That crowd any potential joy

And soak up any sun left in my soul.

She’s wasting precious time with all her whines

Now she’s playing it coy refusing to explain her gloom

She’s single, so it’s no surprise she won’t leave her room

Really? Is that why she’s missing her calendar and all its glory

With countless important dates not involving any groom

Enter my psyche and see how you do

Will it drown out your laughter and make you turn away?

You want to know how I feel and uncover the truth?

Push aside your cynical view and wait until it comes for you.

Copyright© 2020 by Elizabeth Nudo

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