Incessant Nature

By Saharsh Satheesh

Emerald stars glistened,

the serenading of the crickets stifled the mellow hum of vehicles,

a thin pathway was illuminated by,

the fading moon in the darkening sky,

another star emerged,

peeking through the seething clouds,

and then another,

and on and on,

until the first shade of cerulean,

when crickets ceased their rituals,

and freeways began to rumble,

when the stars began to fade as fast as they appeared and,

as the moon sank behind the horizon,

the sun soared from the brinks,

till it came time to rest.

Bio: Saharsh Satheesh is a poet from the glorious state of Tennessee. He finds immense pleasure from creating poetry, especially that inspired by nature. Some of his poetry can be found in The Learning Network of The New York Times

Copyright© 2020 by Saharsh Satheesh

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