PLEASE NOTE: This piece contains depictions of self harm. Viewers discretion is advised.

My drawings are often autobiographical. The characters I draw usually remain relatively static throughout each phase of my life. As I move from one phase to another, the character I choose to represent me usually begins to evolve along with me. I can look through sketchbooks from New York, Paris, or Belgrade, and see the exact thought patterns and struggles I experienced in each place simply by looking at the characteristics present in each set of drawings. 

As I looked back on all the drawings I had made from the start of this isolation, I couldn’t help but notice a lack of cohesiveness. Although similar stylistically, the characters seemed to shapeshift with every passing day. This evolution has been fast-forwarded and flipped on its head.

I feel lucky that my drive hasn’t abandoned me yet and that my creative juices are continuously flowing. I consistently have a lot of energy to do more, learn more, and create more. However, this unlimited flow of ideas can be exhausting—constantly jumping from one activity to the next, always trying to beat boredom and remain productive. I feel like I’m flipping through a catalogue of personalities as I feed my sourdough starter, draw, cook an elaborate meal for my family, lift weights, go for a brisk walk, watch a season of a show, unwind with some yoga, and ultimately watch another day go by in a flurry of activities. It feels insane.What is interesting about all of this is the way it manifests in my drawings—the characters in this series are all me, or rather, versions of me—their personalities ranging from lethargic, to moody, to manic.

About the Artist

My name is Olivera Neskovic, but I go by Vera. I am a 24 year old amateur illustrator and architect-in-progress currently based in Toronto. Through my drawings, I focus on depicting characters that everyone can connect with.  My aim is to create art that is honest and hopeful in a way that reveals raw emotion and helps others to better understand themselves.

Copyright© 2020 by Olivera Neskovic

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