By Suchismita Ghoshal

The effort you give to wake up from

A forlorn sleep is in vain.

Depression holds you back from behind,

Leaving your eyes blurred and blind.

You leave no efforts undone

To prevent depression from slithering by your blanket,

But it shows you the icy street of frozen blood

And your silent sobs sharpen its strength.

Slaughtered mood, devastated mind,

Starved belly and horrible traumas

Concoct your life with crotchetiness.

You restlessly ask for peace but there’s no relief.

You loiter in your self-isolated world;

No friends, no colleagues, no family members

Are allowed to break the boundary

Of your self-made gloomy barricade.

If you are trying too hard, please take out your time

And let’s not waste the efforts by blaming your soul.

Depression is unpredictable but not inevitable.

Breathe, meditate, practice self-love and drive it away.

There is an open sky, vibrant like lapis-lazuli,

Ready with its open arms to embrace you and

Kiss you with sparks of healing stars.

Stretch your arms, inhale the love and bid adieu to depression.

Copyright© 2020 by Suchismita Ghoshal (storytellersuchismita)

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