I Am – I Am Not

By Rebeca Ruiz

I am all the truth I have ever spoken
all the steps I have decided to take
the bright places I have been to
every single good thought that came to mind
the people I love the most
what I have dreamed of constantly
my acts of selfless kindness 

who I want to be

I am also the lies that slipped off my tongue
all the steps I was too scared to take
the places I hated going to
every atrocious thought that I allowed in my mind
the people I hate (or should I say myself?)
what I have never been brave enough to dream of
my acts of blatant selfishness

not who I want to be 

That’s me, And I will continue to be,
because it becomes easier once you know
nothing is ever exclusively something.

Copyright© 2020 by Rebeca Ruiz

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