The Lost Guinea Pig

By Sana Karimi

Back in the day, there was a laborious girl who worked in her family’s farm. She was beautiful, no more than twelve years old with short brown hair, green eyes, skin as white as the clouds, and peach coloured lips. The farm was in a very good state at the time and had many animals such as geese, chickens, sheep, pigs, and a rooster. 

One day, the young girl was cleaning the front porch when she heard a quiet squeaking noise that seemed to be coming from somewhere nearby. So, she went to investigate the sound. Eventually, she tracked down the noise under the porch’s stairs and found what looked like a guinea pig covered in mud and dirt, and barely recognizable. 

The guinea pig was a very cute guinea pig. It was probably just two months old, had three colours of fur; orange, black and white, and the fur was not overgrown or too short. The diligent girl knew the guinea pig would not survive on its own. So she decided to take it in and give it shelter, food, water, and a bath. 

The next day, the girl found fleas and ticks on the guinea pig’s fur and skin. She took the guinea pig to the vet to get some medicine and have the ticks removed. Nevertheless, the girl quickly realized that with so much farm work she could not take care of it. 

After she made sure the guinea pig was healthy, she came to the decision to give it to her friend, Amy. And even though the young girl and the guinea pig lived separate lives, they both had a happily ever after. 

             The End

© 2020 Sana Karimi

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