Out of the Shell

By Asherll Othabanye

Out of the shell little sprout.

Destined to grow as existence insists

To mature and bear fruit like nature teaches

sufficient knowledge, sufficient life

With enough to share.

Out of the shell little one

Out of the shadows 

Out of that which holds your capacity

Out of the ups and the downs.

Destination divine, beyond the black and white

To be bold and stand out, unique

Sufficient of love and wisdom

With enough to go around.

Out of the shell little soul

Out of the galaxies

Out of that which inhibits your growth

Out of the mud and perceived pity.

Fated to out of the shell little sprout

To be mature and dominant like Mama teaches

Wide awake with more to give

Love enough, emersed, and ready to change.

Out of the shell beloved

Out of the shell my chosen

Out of where you don’t belong

Out of the world, to face the unknown.

© 2020 Asherll Othanbanye

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