Series: Sparks, Seeing Red, Ascension, Into the Wood

By Ryan Mitchell

Left: Sparks, Seeing Red

Right: Ascension, Into the Wood

Toy Photography is a very “interesting” theme. Mark Hogancamp is a notable photographer who used toys to help him cope with his trauma as a therapeutic tool. Mathew Callaghan uses toys to exemplify his time in service. In my case, I guess I’m both of those things. I served in the military, and after I got out, I found it troublesome trying to fit in, especially having to receive news of friends who are struggling as much as I and end up passing away. I use toys as a way to express my emotions and try to reconnect to my childhood, to my service, and now college.

I enjoy the work I put into each shot. I’m using a Nikon D3100 with utilization from the practical effects of using fireworks, an air duster, to the experimentation of fiddling with a desk lamp I found at a garage sale. Each shot is worth the effort I put in. I’m learning new things about myself every time and within each shot is a reflection of myself.

Copyright© 2020 by Ryan Mitchell

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