Poetry Blog: Taking Advantage Of Our Surroundings

By Ethan Saks

Writers often have difficulty imbuing their compositions with relevant literary devices. One common problem with literary devices, such as metaphors or allusions, is that, if used carelessly, they risk serving no purpose within the overall poem or story; devices that exist for the sole purpose of complicating writing while retaining little to no relevance should not exist in the first place. 

If you’re struggling to create meaning and wish to use literary devices to help establish a deeper message within your work, consider making timely references to the changing seasons. As summer changes to fall, our perceptions of the world and its events also begin to change. 

Some ideas: summer 2020 has been both exceptionally negative and memorable. Perhaps a poem may look towards the changing season as a source of optimism in our ever-complicated present. Or perhaps you are a pessimist (nothing wrong with that); perhaps the changing seasons can relate to stagnation – the world always changes but do our surroundings follow suit? 

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