Blog: Writer’s Block and the End-of-Summer Blues

By Mahdis Habibinia

The last month of summer typically comes with last-minute cottage plans and dealing with end-of-summer blues. This year, though, not only do we have this familiar burden on us once more but it’s weighed heavier by the realization that we didn’t even have a summer in 2020. 

Students aren’t the only populous yearning for time to stand still during the sunny months of the year. Creators and writers alike also rely on this relaxing time to gain inspiration, start new projects, travel, finish projects, take a break to overcome writer’s block, et cetera. But what do you do when an unprecedented quarantine takes place not only depriving you of your dose of vitamin D and productivity, but elicits writers’ block or a lack of motivation to create?

One thing you can do is read. As a writer and tsundoku specialist, the many books awaiting me on my shelves are like little, portable dimensions to other worlds that sometimes spark creativity. And what better time than the beginning of windier months to cozy up with one? Another thing you can do is try your creative hand at a new genre or medium—it’s a great excuse for something new and exciting during an otherwise dull slump. Nonfiction writer restricted to topical, seasonal stories? Tell us the story about that alien abduction your neighbour experienced instead! Artist? Take a walk in Shakespeare’s shoes and sonnet away! Poet? Satire doesn’t discriminate! Or you can always take a classic approach such as changing your environment for inspiration/motivation, exercising outside in what final days of summer there’s left to get your blood flowing, making plans for summer 2021 so you have something to look forward to and get you out of your summer-less funk…

…Or you can start an international magazine with your colleagues/friends 🙂

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