Even Deaf Ears Cannot Silence Us All

By Corinne Anderson

Deep lungfuls of air

and still, I too feel like choking;


that my own lungs

would fill with water

and wash away the stain

of what it means to be living

within the confines

of a happy prison–of skin–

This propaganda shoved

down our gullets

like chickens meant for slaughter.

All the same, never the same.

These are just words,


easily drowned

out by the droning of exclusive deals

and private jets, speeding off in directions

not meant for equality.

In this suffocating environment

we ask ourselves, who are we?

The answers spat at us

are worse than our perceptions.

And so we stand, gagging on our

cries for justice: together.

Even deaf ears

cannot silence us all. 

© 2020 Corinne Anderson

One thought on “Even Deaf Ears Cannot Silence Us All”

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