Don’t Anger an Angry Man.

By Eke Judith Chibuzo

Don’t tell an angry man to over look,

For he’d look beyond the hate in his eyes,

And behold the fury that burns in his heart

He’d look you in the eyes to behold the devil you never were but now.

He’d see the thread of disgust lined up in your eyes,

His sight is an oversight of hate.

Don’t tell an angry man to be mild,

For his silence is as meek as a serpent trail,

His eyes as glorious as storm.

He sits in sweet tingles of evil,

He seeks a path to let go his waters,

For within those ocean eyes are boiling rage.

Never tell an angry man it’s okay,

He’d okay his disgust in your face,

And empty his bowls of frustration at your feet.

He’d smile at your ignorance,

He’d tear out his heart and offer to you,

A burnt sacrifice of the evil that beclouds him.

Never ever anger an angry man.


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