Blog: It’s Okay To Have Unfinished Projects

By Shahroze Rauf

I think as creators of any kind, whether you’re a writer, poet, photographer, artist, we get into this grind of working like the rest of the world does.

When we start a project, we plan it out, we map our due dates, gather our materials or ideas, and organise ourselves. These are all good things! We’re stubborn creatures and need some form of organisation. 

But it goes too far, in my opinion, when we start looking down on ourselves as creators. Just because we couldn’t finish a project or meet our personal deadlines. 

Creating is a free craft – we don’t do it because our bosses want it, or our monthly rent demands it – at least not most of the time. Of course, I’m speaking within the realms of personal projects!

We do it because we love it. 

And when we begin hating ourselves for something we love, it becomes toxic. It’s disrespectful to your art, writing, photography, or whatever it is that you do. It’s disrespectful to you. 

This is when you need to take a step back, and be okay with things not working out.

The pandemic has been a huge surprise to everyone. We suddenly have all this time and in turn, expect to have gotten ahead on some things. But, in some cases, this doesn’t happen. Our pages remain empty, our paints untouched, our camera bags collecting dust. 

And this is okay. Everyone has their own process of doing things. Whether you’ve finished writing that novel you’ve always talked about, or haven’t even started on those preliminary sketches for that art series. Creators are anything but the same, which is what makes us so dazzling to those who engage in our pieces. 

Trust in your own process. Things will get done on your own time, this summer or the next.

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