Blog: Improve Yourself by Writing

By Ethan Saks

Reading and writing are interdisciplinary hobbies that can help improve almost every aspect of your academic career. One might think that writing fan fiction or experimental free verse poetry provides nothing more than the pleasure of performing such a task. Some might assume that obsessively reading the newest cowboy-vampire romance novella provides nothing more than a cheap adrenaline rush. 

Both of these thought processes are incorrect.

Frequent reading and writing, no matter the genre or style, provide substantial improvements to your academic writing, reading comprehension, and editing abilities. One of the best ways to improve your essay writing skills, for example, is to write something you are passionate about in your free time. As you compose, review, and edit your work, you simultaneously create literature and improve important academic skills. 

As we approach the beginning of a new, unfamiliar semester, consider writing and reading in your free time. Academic success is important for personal growth—why not make it a little easier?

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