By Asherll Othabanye

Maybe I was supposed to live the life I am living;

To have gone through what I have gone through

To view the world in the way that I do

feel a certain way, to whatever is taking place in and around me.

Yes, I’ll give credit where it’s due.

Maybe I shouldn’t try to be perfect, and seek to be loved,

but live a life that stretches a smile, in genuine character and deed.

From this perspective

my strengths and weaknesses are the same.

They are what was meant to be for a reason.

Creation knew better.

Maybe what I should be doing is loving who and what I am

Understanding the shadow as I cherish the light.

For it is by the shadow that we can be motivators, and the best of ourselves.

By these flaws, give hope

By these flaws, made human

And made unique.

If indeed every act we pursued was righteous and perfect, and had no fault then growth would cease.

Lessons and wonder would have none to do.

Robbed of the essence of life.

Tears of joy

We wouldn’t know glory nor satisfaction

For we never thirsted for it’s affection.

Everything perfect as it is

Me perfect as I am, take

course to be better


Death is a necessary evil

Mistake a necessary occasion

the dark surely has to appreciate the light

With that understanding

let it be that i won’t look down on myself.

As I am assured

Maybe we are everything we need to be.

More than we compare to and taught to see.

You are enough

I thought maybe you should know that.

And let it be.

© 2020 Asherll Othabanye

2 thoughts on “Maybe”

  1. I Thank all those who have took the time to read, likeand share my work.
    And from the bottom of my heart: thank Undivided magazine for publishing my work on their platform…
    To all creators, have a fruitful year.


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