Her + Him

By Jennifer Herbert


Her embrace is a welcomed touch 

A warmth that fills your soul 

You catch her contagious smile 

A reaction you can’t control 

Her laugh is a black and white movie 

A catharsis in her sound 

Her energy a classic 

A rush of nostalgia when she is around

Her eyes hold her secrets 

There’s a mystery in her gaze 

An unsolvable puzzle 

An inescapable maze


Suspended in time 

Weightless and unworried 

We hang on to the moment 

Sedated magic unhurried 

His scent is captivating and wild 

Forever embedded in my brain 

Masculine and crisp 

A few hints of the earth after a rain 

Insecurities held at bay 

I live inside your sanctuary 

Your embrace keeps me safe 

My senses relaxed and unwar

© Jennifer Herbert

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