Personality vs Avatars

By Avanthika Ann Mathews

Everyone who emits fire
is not a dragon.
Some infernos
are ignited by
those neglected tears,
that faced an existential crisis.
They might be
releasing the fire inside
other than burning outside…

Everyone who writes poetry
is not a poet.
Some deep words
are produced by
those silent screams
that longed to be heard.
They might be
yearning to be loudly heard
other than being widely read…

Not everyone who lends a shoulder
is an altruist.
Some consolations are
those touching words
that failed to reach them.
They might be
convincing themselves
other than comforting others…

Everyone who makes theories
is not a philosopher.
Some concepts are from
those lonely nights
that gifted some thoughts.
They might be
befriending their mind
other than enlightening others…

All we need is to make peace with mind,
who handles the paradoxical relationship
between personality and avatars*
as the former fears the consequences
while the latter dare to embrace them…

*Avatar: different incarnations of the same person

© Avanthika Ann Mathews

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