By Joy Moore

Courage the days that we bailed.

Courage the ways that we failed.

Let us turn from a course,

that has pain as its source,

and courage the mount to be scaled.

Bold up, hold on, don’t stop,

courage up the mountain top.

Here’s to the fight and the prayer.

Hopes in our grasp but are ne’er.

Make it out of the pit,

using backbone and grit,

and courage your mount up there.

Soar high, roar wide, new greats,

courage through the mountain gates.

About the Author

The poem COURAGE has a word count of 81. I describes the courage it take to begin a new path. To turn from a course that is not working an embark on something unsure, untried and therefore frightening. I am a graduate of The Institute of Children’s Literature, Making Picture Magic, A Picture Book Master Class, The Lyrical Language Lab, The Art of the Arc and Kids Book Revisions. In a PAL member of scbwi. My writing credits include: Wiggle-Wiggle, Scratch-Scratch, Itch-Itch-Itch with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Pink Riding Hood and the Warty Stick Monster with Bumples magazine. Song of the Whippoorwill with Balloon’s Literary Journal. Moments with Kids Imagination Train. Daydreaming with Kids Imagination Train.

Copyright© 2020 by Joy Moore

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