Blog: Being thankful as a creator!

By Shahroze Rauf

It’s cheesy I know.

But being thankful as a creator is so important!

And I don’t mean creating things for others or making someone turkey hand art. I mean being thankful to YOURSELF as a creator.

We (or at least myself) often create to show others what we can do. Writing, drawing, photography; it’s entertainment in a way when we create to post things, (or submit to, oh I don’t know, an online magazine made for creators in quarantine?) which is, of course, not a bad thing! You should be proud of all that you do.

But sometimes, I think it’s always best to realize the skills you have obtained through the hard and tireless years of creating and honing your craft. Heading back to the basics, reflecting on your past works, seeing the growth. And being thankful for yourself, for not giving up on creating and pushing forward when it seemed hard, or things didn’t look the way you wanted them to. 

It goes to show how much you’ve done for your craft, and how much it’s developed you as a person. And it is all thanks to YOU.

So to all our creators that have submitted, and those who have yet to submit, THANK YOU. 


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