My Secret Castle

By Avanthika Ann Mathews

 I belong to a secret castle which

has firm roofs even in bad weather,

that gives me comfort during hard times

by securing me in fatherly care…

The only pillar inside there is magical,

as it’s capable of being at the right place

to lend me a lifeline just before a fall,

and it raises me up in brotherly concern…

The cushion inside is too warm,

as it always gifts me a soothing embrace

to make me forget an exhausting day,

and it solaces me by motherly affection…

Whenever I leave my room,

its door refuses to close on its own

like someone eager to swallow me again

and it leaves a permanent shadow

in my wanderlust mind,

blurring its path ahead.

Copyright© 2020 by Avanthika Ann Mathews

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