Upon A July Night

By Timi Sanni

Maple trees bowing their heads

like jailbirds awaiting the noose

hide their tears among the cloak

of darkness

The moon gliding across the sky

like the Lord’s angel

erupts into a magma of light

and purity

Down the hill behind a boy’s home

black like death, a stallion gallops

along the first snows of July & leaves behind

abysses in place of hoof prints

The boy, looking at the night

through a glazed window sees

the moon become a halo of doves

upon a skeleton of trees

Upon the snow, obsidian stones

amid a cornucopia of bones, the shadow

of a picket fence, black and white

like a dead   zebra upon the snow

The night –a shadow within dark shrouds–

sees the boy –sweet innocence, a heart

dripping manna within a black body–

and howls

About the Author

Timi Sanni is a coffee-loving poet, writer and literary enthusiast. His works have been published or is forthcoming in literary journals including Writers Space Africa, Rather Quiet, Fitrah Review, Nanty Greens, Praxis, African Writers and elsewhere. He is also a  SprinNG Fellowship Alumnus.

Copyright© 2020 by Timi Sanni

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