Price of an Identity

By Avanthika Ann Mathews

I desired to be a lost kite for

its freedom to reach the horizon,

but ended up being perished as one

incompetent to get a grip myself…

I wanted to be a high peak for

its magnificence to hold its head up,

but frozen in loneliness as one

unable to touch the ground…

I chose to be a giant tree for

the stability of its peaceful life,

but craved for a change as one

failing to move the deep roots

I envied the glittering sun for

its radiant light that never dims,

but screamed to blow out as one

Aching from the burn of heat…

Now, I blow away as a zephyr

that touches the spirit of the universe

without leaving a single trace,

as I’m done with those wars to

prove my identity by avoiding

the sparkling moments of life…

Copyright© 2020 by Avanthika Ann Mathews

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