there’s no tether

By Linda Crate

some women don’t belong

in kitchens,

but rather in the wood;

screeching with the crows

and howling with the wolves—

hooting with owls,

and dancing like bears;

flying with the faeries and running

with elves—

building like dwarves,

creating like magic,

singing with sunbeams and moonlight;

biting like vampires and laughing

like brooks whilst being melodious as

creeks and whispering like wind—

some of us are wild,

and we don’t wish to be tamed;

just want to be left alone—

for we know we are more than

pretty faces, broodmares,

we don’t exist to uphold the status quo;

born to ascend the norms and create our own world

there’s no tether weighing us down.

Copyright© 2020 by linda m. crate

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