your magic evaded mine

By Linda Crate

your love

was a flower

i crushed in the palm

of my hand,

and i know that there’s

no way for us to smooth

out the petals or for our

flower of friendship to bloom


that ship has sailed

it’s been many years since we

last spoke—

i’m sorry for hurting you,

and it’s something that’s haunted

me for years;

but i am sorry that we’ve become


i thought you’d always be there

but apparently you were only meant

to be a chapter of my life

not a lasting character

that remains through thick and thin

although once you called us


i was never brave enough to tell you

that i liked you as anything other than

a friend, and it wouldn’t have mattered

in the end; because you always had

someone else to hold—

you had a magic that evaded mine,

leaving the damphyr bereft of the faerie.

Copyright© 2020 Linda Crate

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