Song of a Woman

By Jeremy T. Karn

Now in our Torah, Moshe commanded that such a woman be stoned to death.

  John 8:5 [The Complete Jewish Bible]

how well do you sing the song laying on your tongue

that’s knotted with grief?

one that leaves the body tied up in shame?

who will cry for you or caress the green veins

that crawl on your forehead when another man dies?

there’s a small river that had emptied its grief into your body.

you can’t blame it for making a tributary with your eyes.

for it’s an abomination for men to keep dying

from the touch of your body.

maybe one day your family will grow stones

 in their mouths & stone you with curses.

& when your body is never clean from holding death in it,

you will make a husband of God. God doesn’t die!

Copyright© 2020 Jeremy T. Karn

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