Rays of envisions

By Aderolu Nuriyah


Is two boys running on the street-

Praying. To have that 20 naira

If only-

Someone would accept to have their car cleaned.

It’s that look in that child’s eyes,

When she asks

“Aunty, do you want a drink”

So maybe,

One day she’d have money to buy-

That strawberry sweet your daughter’s licking-


That look you think you can’t decipher,

But you know it’s there,

The look that animal gives you

As you place the knife on its neck-

Asking, for a day more,

Another chance to live.

It’s the voice you get from a worried mother

Asking, if only-

You could save her little daughter

Been wheeled into the hospital,

An oxygen mask covering her beautiful face.

It’s in that little girl-

Waiting, salivating,

As mama carefully puts the yam to fry

Maybe she’ll get noticed,

And be called to have one-

This time.

It’s in making prayers to the Almighty,

Listing them one by one,

That maybe today, someday

One of our many problems would get solved.


Copyright© 2020 Aderolu Nuriyah

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