The Motherless

By Idowu Segun Bankole Lagos, Nigeria

With the infringement and circumstances
Behind the clarity of our ideas
Our environment are pitched
With the progressive change in culture,
People and technology 

Deviating nature from the original state of mind
Many seem to be wicked
While some seem to be so meek
Because life has not turned the way they wanted. 

Innocent tears turn the music town
With all hope fading as iron rust
Overwhelming depression!

The memory of our fore fathers lies in our left hand
We hardly see the
But in our right hand
Our present leaders
We look to
They back us.

Dreams chatter
With the saying “riches in the grave”
Inevitability of death
Awaiting us all

We are getting old
The new ones will take our place
If they caused the change
We will smile our way
Out of this dungeon. 

Though many things have been long lost
Because we fail to acknowledge God
As the change we need
We see him as the cause
Of the unfortunate event
That befalls us.

We call civilization wisdom
Yet we damage our soul
Who will take away the red wave?
And give us a more faith?

Down the street are many
Lying unconsciously dead
Innocency is no longer found in us
We are all knowing
Trying new things
Just to see how pleasant it will be.

The old has been forgotten
The young shall grow
To become worse?

The old shall die
Is what we act
Whereas the soul shall perish.

The tears is that
No one cares
The other side of the page

Our society—a motherless care centre

Copyright© 2020 Idowu Segun Bankole

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