On the Howling Silence

By Azeezah Olatunde

Q: What hurts the most

A: Silence

Q: (sighs)

A: Yes, like the words forming

in your heart when heaving the sigh

but you imprison them in your lungs

because of fear. A fear that hits the

ground and stretches into two paths.

Q: The first?

A: A cluster of fear entangles your

courage, tames you, folds your

tongue into thorns. So you suck the

salient words, feed on it like a stoic,

for fear of being judged & misunderstood

Q: The second?

A: The fear of walking into the market

naked, for secrets are garment,

once told, it lost its sacredness. 

And again, you suck the salient words,

and feed on it like a stoic.

Q: (sighs)

A: (sighs)

silence fills the room,

the wall grimacing

on the voiceless

aura attempting

to pull it down.

Copyright© 2020 Azeezah Olatunde

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