no one is perfect

By Linda Crate

in your silhouette

are the bones

of past friendship left

lost to a tidal wave

of my rage

i splintered your ship,

and sang siren songs until

you were the only


i know what i did was wrong

but this little mermaid also knows

sometimes we’re not given second chances

even when we want to atone—

i never meant to hurt you,

but i valued my ego more than your love;

and i was so convinced that my take

on our misunderstanding was the right one—

never told you that i loved you

more than a friend,

but i don’t think that matters;

i know it would be a love unrequited because

you always had someone else to hold—

i remember when i visited you

there were so many moments i was alone,

even heard you and your boyfriend making love;

and all i could think was i wasted my time off and my money

to come visit someone who didn’t even want to see


i guess, in the end, we both found out

no one is perfect;

especially the people we love—

but i hoped and i prayed and i cried for so long,

wishing that somehow we could defy the odds;

but i guess it was just easier for you to let me go.

Copyright© 2020 Linda Crate

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