By Ajani Samuel

A thousand legs gathered at Wale’s door

Over it are yells and shrieks of profanity on a

Man who built a boxing ring on the lips and cheeks of his lover.

A girl’s glamour knotted behind the ancient

Lock of a mephitic love tale.

“How can you do that to her”

“You are a very bad man” —

A thousand curse is a redemption for

A trodden beauty.

I stood afar sprinkling a holy water on

My note as he religiously unfurled his

Theatrics, for every curse he 

Said “nah devil’s work”

If devil was a man, he would have his body

Tatted of lies alien to his name.

But sometimes love is a synonym of

Astigmatism and ”nah devil’s work”

Will always be a balm of Gilead for a broken jaw.

Glossary: “Nah devil’s work” is a Pidgin for “It’s the devil’s doing.”

Copyright© 2021 Ajani Samuel

Ajani Samuel Victor is a writer, (performance) poet, author and political enthusiast who hailed from the pace setter state, Nigeria. He is studying Physiology at the University of Lagos. He is a Semi-finalist at the 2020 Jack Grapes Poetry Prize, writer at the Invincible Quill Magazine, his works are/forthcoming on IQM, FeralLit Journal, Ethelzine, AlphaWrites, MadnessMuse Press, Solvicblog and everywhere else. He is a weird guy who loves everything soccer.

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