Temperature of Love

By Jennifer Eschberger

It’s the kiss from the suns satin lips

Blushing the cheeks of a rare rose

Toasting pink velvety fair skin

With the voice to an ode

It’s the shelter with broken windows

Open doors and snow covered grass

Air pricking vertebrae with ice

With winters lace frozen on glass

It’s the pull of the moons smile

A claiming of the mind and veins

Pulsing through words like honey

A home in the eye of a hurricane

It’s the peak of a mountain top

Capped in liquor running cold

The taste of drunken heartbeats

Driving down a black and white rigid road

It’s the sound of locked burning eyes

A silent crackling of a campfire

The blaze of nature’s wild mysteries

Leaving dreams to drown in desire

It’s the emptiness that surrounds the heart

Taking the breath from labored lungs

Shivering in dark corners of the abyss

Singing a song with dimly lit drums

It’s the July river that flows with cadence 

With a hushed breeze of summery hues

Golden glitter somersaulting across dimples

Leaving hints of harmonic honeydew

It’s the presence of a shadowed ghost 

Soliciting quiet chills along bones

The absence of colors with words like braille

Touching the innermost parts of stone

It’s the freedom within a moments laugh

A crinkle in perfect form around the eyes

Tender placement of medicated melodies

A sanctuary like nocturnal sunset wine

It’s the dripping of a faucet left alone in a room 

Creating stalactites of crystalline phantoms 

Where pockets of silence are breathing visions

And promises are kept inside broken lanterns

It’s the bath of bubbles and soothing salts

Washing away thorns and troubled feelings

Silhouettes through steam and dancing clocks

Where time takes its time with healing

It’s the resonance of violins in laughing rain

A lifetime of weather with no forecast

Whispering moments of lukewarm lullabies 

It’s the temperature of love in poetic contrast

Copyright© 2021 by Jennifer Eschberger

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