your innocence is a lie

By Linda Crate

you were supposed

to care,

but you didn’t;

you were someone 

i trusted

although i never should’ve—

just another devil

with a broken halo

barely lit atop 

his head,

and i wish i could break that 

broken crown and shove

it down your throat

even if that is not nice or right or fair;

because you killed the girl i once

was and forced me to die to who i was—

i liked the woman i was before,

yet all the birds of her are scattered;

and i am forced to look at these new

birds and new trees and maybe i should

feel honored because i was able to find

myself once more

but i will never thank you for everything

you’ve taken from me—

of all the monsters you’ve met you’re the worst

because at least they admitted they were monsters,

but you maintain your innocence even though

we both know it’s a lie.

Copyright© 2021 by Linda Crate

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