Dusk at dawn

By Emmanuel Eze

With smiles they left home that morning

With the hope of coming back to their families

They never knew that day was going to be their last

Like flowers they were plucked off in their prime.

Wasted by those who should protect them

They had their lives terminated like common criminals

Their only crime; demanding a better nation

For this they were brutally led to their Early graves.

A better nation they sought

For a better treatment they hoped

They had a dream of justice, peace and unity

Unfortunately, now they would never get to live their dreams.

Those dreams of a beautiful future now lie in ruins

Buried six feets under with the carriers

Their families are now in deep mourning

Even while hoping to find it just a nightmare in the morning.

Unfortunately, this is reality

The young ones are gone with their abilities

They all died with untapped potentials and;

a mountain of unfulfilled dreams.

They paid the ultimate price

Laid down their lives for the nation

Hopefully, their blood cleanses the nation

From corruption, nepotism, terrorism, et al.

Dear heavenly angels, gladly welcome our heroes

Who fought a brave and worthy fight

In trying to effect a change long overdue

They paid the ultimate sacrifice for the nation.

A nation failed them; over and over again

Unfortunately, they had their lights put out early

They however blazed a trail worth following

Sadly, their “Dusk came at Dawn”.

In memory of the victims of Lekki massacre on 20/10/2020

Copyright© 2021 by Emmanuel Eze

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