Eros Arrows

By Jonathan Alemede

Rumours of Eros’ deathwish prevail our land

His last gasp still reverbs in the king’s Chambers,

Laying on the bed with a forlorn look declared he

“I wish not my farewell to be a 

silent affair

Someday I will rise again from the dust   

This time the reincarnate of a woman”

Tales come though and Eros is born,

She is the very essence that makes the gods go mad

Love is poison, a sweet one but it will kill you all the same.

The sun has lost potence with total defiance to mortals

Apollo the sun god is possessed with Eros’ Ambiance,

Apollo’s confined in Hades vows by his love for Eros,

“i wish not my farewell to be a silent affair

If it kills me to leave you, I will gladly die”

Copyright© 2021 by Jonathan Alemede

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