About Undivided Magazine

Our mission is simple:

To invoke joy, inspire creativity, promote diversity, and in unity remain undivided.

As we tipped our graduation caps off and embarked into the professional world in spite of COVID-19, we four Canadian university graduates decided to seek unity and creativity at a time when the world only knows uncertainty.

Undivided Magazine is a nonprofit literary magazine founded in 2020 seeking to publish diverse creative works and voices during the global quarantine/pandemic of the COVID-19 virus. We aim to encourage creativity at a time when the uncertainty bears heavy on all our hearts. Social distancing has understandably impacted millions one way or another, so to help cope with these trying times and to glorify creativity when we have been given the gift of time, Undivided was created seeking to remind people that unity is important.

We publish online and accept original poetry, non-fiction, fiction, creative non-fiction, art, and scripts. We welcome and encourage submissions from artists and writers of every nationality, race, religion, and gender, including experts, novices, or artists and writers who have never been affiliated with a publication and who want their message heard.

We are committed to reaching an international audience with diverse content and are looking for people who wish to unite communities, voice their thoughts, share their creations, and/or write to their heart’s content!

Our editorial team is made up of four individuals who embody those values, who will expedite the editing process, and who have experience in both the fields of writing and editing.

Creativity in uncertainty.