Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I getting paid?

Submitted and published work to Undivided Magazine are not paid. All works are submitted on a volunteer basis. However, your published work can be used as part of your portfolio and editors may be used as a job reference for those who frequently submit their work. Also, contributors whose works are published will automatically retain copyright to their work.

2. How do I donate and where do donations go?

You can donate to the COVID-19 cause here. At the moment we are directing all donors to specific organizations we have researched for your convenience.

Undivided Magazine is a completely nonprofit organization. All editors work on a volunteer basis.

3. How do I submit my work to Undivided Magazine?

First, check out the submission requirements. Follow the appropriate writing standards as well as submission templates for the genre you wish to submit.

Then email your submission to with the following subject line: “SUBMISSION:” YOUR LAST NAME, GENRE

4. When can I submit my work?

Since we are an online magazine, we are always accepting submissions!

When you volunteer to submit work, we expect you to contribute on your own time, according to your own schedule. The only deadline that we expect you to fulfill is what you set with our editorial team ahead of time.

5. What is your response time for submissions?

Our current response time is approximately two to 10 business days.

6. When can I expect to have my work published?

Our purpose is to publish an array of creative works with a diverse set of voices and angles. Depending on the length of the piece submitted, or the edits that need to be made, accepted works can be published within 10 to 20 business days from the day of submission.

However, publication is not guaranteed. What we will not publish are materials that can be deemed libelous, defamatory, offensive, false, plagiarized, and/or misleading, to name a few. As a result, our editorial team may simply send back your submission with corrections, comments, and/or concerns. It is up to the author’s discretion to implement those changes for improvement and resubmit the work.

The editorial team at Undivided Magazine reserves the right to reject submissions or resubmitted work if we unanimously believe that it does not suit publication standards and/or it does not reflect our magazine’s values or purpose.

7. My work has been published before and/or I have sent my current submission to other publications, is that alright?

Simultaneous submissions to other publications are allowed, but please inform us if your work has been accepted elsewhere. Work that was published at other publications, without authorization for republishing or reprinting, cannot be accepted by Undivided Magazine.

8. My work was sent back for editing, what do I do now?

If your work was sent back with recommendations for editing, don’t be discouraged. The editing process is an important learning tool in the world of writing. Once you have implemented the appropriate changes, you are more than welcome to resubmit your work!. 

9. What file formats can I submit in?

  • Word document (.doc) 
  • Google Doc shared to edit
  • JPG or PNG for arts, images, graphics, and photographs

10. How else can I get involved with the magazine?

At the moment, Undivided Magazine is a very small organization. If you would like to get involved in any way, please contact the editorial team at to discuss ways you may be able to help. Please include the subject line: “Volunteer Inquiry.”

11. Do you accept works in other genres that are not listed on the website?

We may accept works that are not listed within the submissions guidelines. If you would like to pitch an idea to the editors, please contact us at with the subject line: “Story Pitch.” 

Please note: the acceptance of such pieces is at the discretion of the corresponding editor. 

12. Who can I contact if I’m having trouble navigating the website, the guidelines, or if I have any other questions not listed on this page?

Us! Click here.