Non-fiction Requirements

We accept non-fiction stories, articles, and literature such as: journalistic pieces (feature articles, opinion-editorials), biographies, journal articles, health/science articles or essays, local issues, reviews, profiles, and literary criticisms, to name a few.

Style Tips: Non-fiction shorts include all pieces that involve factual and informative information. Think within the mind of a journalist, and rely on your research to help you write the story. Write as objectively and accurately as you can, representing facts as they are. You may include quotes from people you’ve contacted. 

Articles within this genre typically have shorter paragraphs. The more quotes and/or references you have to tell your story, the better. If you are telling another person’s story, please be sure to include their voice.

Undivided Magazine follows CP style guidelines.

If your nonfiction piece involves an academic discipline and is being submitted under that category, it needs citations. Please use APA style for Education, Psychology, and Sciences; MLA style for Humanities; and Chicago style for Business, History, and the Fine Arts.

Length: 500 – 2500 words

Accompanying Graphics/Images: Optional

Submission Template: When submitting your work, please begin with the following bits of information respectively at the very top of your document: Non-fiction Short,” type of article, your first and last name, title, byline, word count, and contact information. If a photograph is submitted, a photo caption is recommended but not mandatory.

Submission Format:

  • Word document (.doc) 
  • Google Doc shared to edit

Please send submissions to:

See Submission Requirements for more information.