Art Requirements

We accept art works in the form of graphics, images, paintings (electronic as well), comics, sketches, and clipart, to name a few. We do not accept any offensive or obscene material, copyrighted or trademarked logos, and anything that may violate our submission guidelines

If you would like to produce art to correspond with written works that we have published, please contact us with your ideas.

Size: All submissions must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

Accompanying Signature on the Piece: Mandatory for all pieces.

Submission Template: When submitting your work, please include the following bits of information: Art,” your first and last name, title, medium used, and contact information. It is recommended that you submit a caption, however it is not mandatory. If any sources (external or internal, both primary and secondary research or references, etc.) are consulted, we require you to submit those as well.

Submission Formats:

  • JPG (maximum file size 20 MB)
  • PNG (maximum file size 20 MB)
  • Google Drive (for larger files)

Please send submissions to:

See Submission Requirements for more information.