Creative Non-fiction Requirements

We accept any “true stories well told.” Creative non-fiction submissions include, but are not limited to: autobiographies, diaries, travel writing, food writing, personal or familiar essays, memoirs, satire pieces, or any factually accurate narratives told using literary styles, craft, and flair. It can be personal or not, or all of these!

Style Tips/Criteria: The goal with creative non-fiction is to make stories read like fiction while still respecting the cardinal rule of representing events as accurately as possible with a creative flair. Scenes are your building blocks. Don’t just tell a story, show it! Scenes and stories show a particular subject, place, or personality vividly and descriptively. They have to be appropriately represented, while making a point or communicating information. It is essential that they fit into the overall structure and message of your work. 

Length: 300 – 3000 words

Accompanying Graphics/Images: Optional

Submission Template: When submitting your work, please begin with the following bits of information respectively at the very top of your document: Creative Nonfiction,” type of non-fiction, your first and last name, title, word count, and contact information. If a photograph is submitted, a photo caption is recommended but it is not necessary.

Submission Format:

  • Word document (.doc) 
  • Google Doc shared to edit

Please send submissions to:

See Submission Requirements for more information.