Script & Monologue Requirements

We accept scripts, monologues, and soliloquies as well. These may include, but are not limited to, the following styles: play scripts; single scenes; screenplays; interior or dramatic monologues; soliloquies addressed to oneself, a surrogate, or an audience, to name a few.

Style Tips: Scripts often include and differentiate between actions, dialogue, scene descriptors, cues for emotion, and blocking. Feel free to play around, and utilize your own creativity. 

Soliloquies and monologues are similar because they each involve a single speaker. However, a monologue is usually addressed to a character or the audience; whereas a soliloquy is inner thoughts addressed to oneself, or sometimes a surrogate (i.e. an object), so that the audience better understands the character and/or their situation.


Scripts – 500 to 4000 words

Monologues and Soliloquies – 100 to 700 words

Accompanying Graphics/Images: Optional

Submission Template: When submitting your work, please begin with the following bits of information respectively at the very top of your document: Scripts,” “Monologue,” or “Soliloquy,” your first and last name, title, word count, and contact information. If a photograph is submitted, a photo caption is recommended but not necessary.

Submission Format:

  • Word document (.doc) 
  • Google Doc shared to edit

Please send submissions to:

See Submission Requirements for more information.